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  • Different System for People Who Find GRE Vocab Very Hard.
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Who Will Benefit the Most
You Will ...

If you are an American student
who is not strong in vocab

If you are a foreigner and
English is not your first language

Why Do You Need A Different System to Memorize GRE Words?

Do you realize that most students begin to focus on GRE 2 to 4 weeks before the test? You can confirm this yourself if you spend 10 minutes checking out the reviews on

If you have more than 2 months...

If you are not already super strong in vocab, but want to score high on GRE, then the Franklin Vocab System's audio program for GRE vocab can greatly help you get a higher score.

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Why is GRE Vocab Hard?

It may surprise you that GRE tends to test you for meanings that are not the most common meanings of words. In fact, some of these you may have never heard in your life.

For example, here are some words and the meanings you need to know (taken from the course). I have also added the meaning that will not lead to the correct answer:

milk = extract
USE = the directors milked the company of several million dollars
(not the milk you drink)

stole = long scarf
USE = a mink stole
(not a form of steal)

riddle = to make many holes in, permeate
USE = the anti-aircraft guns riddled the plane's wings with bullets
(not a puzzle)

root = to dig
USE = she rooted through the papers on her desk
(not the root of a tree)

kite = bad check
USE = *
(not a kite that people fly)

rifle = search through and steal
USE = the safe had been rifled and the diamonds were gone
(not the rifle used for firing bullets)

ejaculate = exclaim
USE = "You've got my umbrella!" he ejaculated
(not sex related ejaculation)

In This Course, You Get
"Short Memorable Sentence Fragments"

You don't get 3 or 5 or 10 meanings and sentences that are impossible to remember (a dictionary is better if you want to do a PhD on some aspects of words).

I give you short and memorable sentence fragments, so you can remember faster and better without wasting time.

Here are some examples from the course:

euphoria = elation, feeling of well-being or happiness
USE = in a state of euphoria

evade = to avoid
USE = don't evade taxes

excerpt = selection from a book, extract
USE = excerpt of a new book

illicit = unlawful, illegal
USE = illicit liquor

immense = huge
USE = at immense cost

de facto = actual
USE = de facto standard (not full sentence)

draconian = harsh
USE = draconian laws

prodigy = a person with extraordinary ability or talent
USE = a child prodigy

eke = to add to, supplement
USE = to eke out a living

Herculean = powerful, large
USE = a Herculean task

pyrrhic = a battle won with unacceptable losses
USE = a pyrrhic victory

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Use with your official GRE book...

Many students use this system combined with the official GRE book to maximize their GRE score for admission to a graduate school of their choice.

For a high GRE Verbal score, take these 2 actions:

1. Get the Word List Book
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2. 19 Audio CDs MP3 Download

Download All 19 CDs of GRE Vocab

Here is what you get:

  • 19 Vocab Sessions: Each session is up to 60 minutes long. You get the complete 3,871 words required for the GRE test.
    You revise up to 200 words. About half the words are in a male voice and half in a female voice. For all words, you hear meanings, and for most words, you also hear memorable contextual sentence fragments that have been very carefully chosen for easy memorization.

  • Unlike dictionaries, for most words, we give only one or two meanings that are most appropriate for GRE. The goal is to memorize the "right meanings" and not "all the dictionary meanings".

  • The recording is done by two excellent professional voiceover experts (male and female) with an advanced knowledge of the vocabulary.

DEMO: Click Below to Listen to 2 Different
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Sound Track "Awake and Energize"

This powerful sound track has 2 very specific uses:

  1. Use it when you are feeling sleepy or tired and need quick boost.
    IMPORTANT: The goal is not to reduce or cut down on sleep, but to feel awake and energized just in case you are feeling sleepy/lazy or tired.
  2. Use it if you want to get out of a state of deep relaxation to do something requiring your full attention such as riding a motorcycle or driving a car.
    This is so powerful that even using it for just 3 minutes gives good results and the running time is only 5 minutes.

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